Listing Distribution

Build citations, boost SEO


Ensure your updated business information appears accurate and consistent across internet, with the click of a button.


Proof-of-performance reporting and view inconsistencies. Update business information any time from one place.


Improve your search ranking by providing accurate business listing information across sources.

In Apps

Make sure your business is listed in every app on the market.

Make it easier for customers to find your business

Management of listings is a challenge for businesses. With Listing Distribution, all you need to do is keep your business information up to date within the platform. Your customers will then be updated where they are searching too.

Listing Management

A single dashboard gives you the ability to submit, update, and monitor your business information across data aggregators: Neustar/Localeze, Infogroup, Factual and Foursquare. These aggregators power apps such as Apple, Bing, Uber, and more.

Be accurate across sources

Listing Distribution remains crucial to a business being found accurately as search evolves. The four aggregators have connection points to many different sources, including offline, online, GPS navigation systems, and mobile apps.


In Citations you will see reporting on the syndication of your data and proof of performance. Our platform shows when data has been synced with each of the four aggregators and over time the your growth in your citations.

Be found in mobile apps

Ensure your business is listed and identified across mobile apps. There are hundreds of apps that connect consumers to local businesses, and app development is not slowing down. Think of delivery apps, ride-sharing, and mobile check-ins. Listing Distribution ensures the developers of these apps are receiving and showing correct local business data so their users can better find your business.