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Marketing Needs Analysis & Why It's Important

Wondering how your company appears online? Our Marketing Needs Analysis is like a CT Scan for your company. It will show you how your company appears online and it's effectiveness in 7 areas (Listings, Reviews, Social, SEO, Advertising, Website, and Ecommerce) and how you compare against the competition in your industry.

The Why: As of 2020 there were over a Billion of websites on the internet. The upside is that there is only 189 Million active websites. Of course the numbers go down even further based on your industry. The point is that usually when you are competing with 3, 4, 10, 15 or more competitors you need to know how you stack up and exactly what one of the seven verticals should you work on first so you can surpass your competitors.

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What's Included

Marketing Needs Analysis

needs analysis

Overall Score: Indicates how well your digital marketing is performing in comparison to other businesses in the same industry. There's no pass/fail - you should strive to be as close to 100% as possible.

Listing Assessment

Listings: Aggregates data from over 70 directories to show you the
● Number of listings
● Accuracy of listings
● Missing sites

Review Assessment

Reviews: Aggregates data from over 30 customer review sites to highlight:
● Number of reviews
● Recency of reviews
● Average score

Social Assessment

Social: Investigates your business’s social media presence:
● Facebook: Likes, Avg Posts/mo, Avg Likes/Post, Avg Shares/Post
● Twitter: Followers, Following, Tweets*
● Instagram: Followers, Posts*

Website Assessment

Website: Assesses your website section looks at:
● Homepage content
● Mobile responsiveness
● Desktop load speed
● Ten speed metrics

SEO Assessment

SEO: Provides valuable insights on how your SEO stacks up against your competitors:
● Organic Keyword Performance,  Organic Keyword Ranking,  Overlap,  Clicks and Value.

Advertising Analysis

Advertising: Provides valuable data on your digital advertising performance and potential.
● Google Ads, Retargeting, Recommended Keywords and Campaign Performance

BONUS: Digital Business Hub

Manage and see data from all the accounts and services you already use - all in one place.

● Connect your Google My Business, Facebook, QuickBooks, and more
● Free business listing builder system
● Free digital ads manager system
● Free digital marketing resource library
● Free online courses to help you scale and grow your business
● Information and pricing on all our products and services
● Executive performance dashboard
● Appointment Scheduling empowers you to book appointments online with real time availabilities and automated reminders.
● Set video conferencing appointments with clients through Google Meet and coming soon Zoom

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