A full service digital marketing agency

About iReviewCube and Pivotal Penguin

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are a nationally recognized digital marketing agency specializing in reputation marketing, social media, listing management and digital advertising for small and mid-sized businesses. Our Digital Marketing Hub, online marketing strategies and enterprise single sign-on platform, help turn struggling businesses into market leaders.

We build relationships with our staff, customers and other business partners based on mutual trust and honesty.

Passionate About Our Clients

Our work in digital marketing speaks for itself. We offer excellent custom-tailored services to every one of our customers — big or small.

Foundational items:

  • Each project that we accept will be assigned by an experienced marketing manager and a specialized team composed of 4–6 members.
  • Each of our marketing managers has over 15 years of experience in developing innovative business marketing solutions designed for success and growth.
  • We need all decision-makers involved from the start of the project to do the best work for you. We don't want to add decision makers at the last minute, as this has a way of changing the project.
  • It's not our job to charm people into something. Our goal is to understand both your situation and to suggest the best, most cost-effective solution for your needs.

What our ideal client looks like:

  • Those who are looking for a cost-effective, sustainable marketing strategy designed to solve problems and promote growth.
  • A person who is both honest about their needs and about their budget.
  • A willingness to participate and to take part when we need your help and input.

What you can expect from us:

  • We base our success on exceeding your expectations.
  • We're up-front, and we'll always be honest about being able to meet your goals.
  • We laugh, joke, play loud music and games, but we love what we do.
  • We celebrate the success, growth and happiness of our clients.
  • By learning everyday, we invest in our own personal development. This is important in keeping up with the market's best practices, innovations and patterns.
  • We work both internally (our team) and externally (your team) to keep your project moving forward. This means we might press occasionally ... please don't take it personally.
  • If we make an error, then we own it! ... we're not perfect and we're not expecting you to be.

What we expect from you:

  • Timely responses to our information requests, materials and approvals to keep the project a priority.
  • Complying with deadlines to maximize the success of the project.
  • Thinking strategically over personal preference.
  • Understanding what we are providing for you under our agreement, and that added requests and changes may result in delays and the need to charge you more money.
  • Authority to approve all projects and the ability to pay invoices when due by debit or credit card, with automatically billed recurring payments.

Our working style and procedures:

  • We manage all our projects online through our Task Management Solution within our Digital Marketing Platform, for better coordination, organization, transparency and accountability. You get complete access to your project..
  • Our daily working hours are usually M-F 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST, but we are flexible when needed.
  • We're available to chat online or over the phone when we need to meet to discuss your idea or project.
  • Fees and Terms are specified per project and/or product purchased.

After reading this, you might decide that we are not the right marketing firm for you. That's all right, no hard feelings. It's better to figure it out sooner rather than later ... We still wish you the best and know what you're looking for is out there somewhere!