Social Media Management
For Small Business

In a Post-Covid world the best way to build awareness, generate leads and increase revenue for your business is to engage customers and prospects through social media channels.

Social Media - Awareness: Why It's Important:

There are billions of consumers on social media networks and more often than not, this is where their path starts when they are looking to make a purchase. Besides most of the social networks are free to create an account giving you access to hundreds of consumers locally.

The Solution:

We offer social media management and will post content to social media sites that will benefit your business and help you achieve your goals. With Pivotal Penguin's Social Media Management, we deliver custom posts, monitor and communicate with your fans and followers with the goal of generating leads, sales, and keeping the conversation going. Allowing you to focus on your business.

managed social media marketing

Don't Be Shy - Get Social

Easily post to all social networks at once

The Perfect Post

Each social network hits different types of consumers. In most cases a business doesn't need to be on all of them. We look at the demographics of each network that fits your client profile for optimal results.

increase your audience and fan base

Grow Your Audience

Social Media is more than just pretty pictures. We focus on engaging with customers that creates a conversation and that they will naturally want to share with their friends & family, making it easier to grow your base.

Find New Customers

Hashtags allow you to reach out to those who aren't necessarily your immediate fans or followers. Pivotal Penguin researches the most advantagous hashtags that help in creating more visibility for your company.

provide customer service through social media

Customer Experience

The goal, be a helpful resource. Monitoring the social networks, ensures that questions can be answered and handy suggestions are available to prospective clients quickly to solve any need they have.

Let's Have A Conversation

With Our Social Media Tools You Can

  • We respond to conversations for you
  • All in scheduler for advance approval
  • Curated content that is industry related content (RSS Feeds)
  • Detailed Post Performance per network
  • Stock images at your fingertips
  • Link Tracking
  • Twitter Lead Finder