Reputation & Review Management

Manage your online reputation from one place
Social Media Marketing

Boost, monitor and manage your online reputation

Manage all your reviews from one place

Get insights through AI and machine learning

Be found everywhere customers are searching

Track every conversation across the web

See how you compare to the competition

Reputation Management

Never miss an online review again

Track all customer reviews from 100 + review sites and receive email updates for every new review. Filter by star rating or source to see the reviews that are most critical to you.

  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Track and complete review management tasks

Respond directly to reviews from one place

Simplify review responses with ready-to-use, insightful response suggestions. Answer every review and keep satisfied customers, or quickly recognize issues.

  • Respond to reviews from the dashboard
  • Customize your own review templates

Using artificial intelligence get important business insights

Use the power of artificial intelligence to evaluate feedback online and get insights you might have missed. Analytics that is easy to understand help you make effective business decisions to grow your business!

  • Determine top trending keywords
  • See the timeline of significant moments in the opinion of the customer
  • Drill into specific reviews

Make use of real reviews to get more clients

Increase trust and boost sales by allowing happy customers to do the talking. Display your client testimonials on your website or better yet share glowing reviews on your social networks.

  • Customize the widget to match your brand
  • Show off reviews by easily plugging in the widget into any website
  • Use the Share button to highlight your best reviews on social networks

Have your business found across more than 100+ sources

See where you're listed and where you're not, no manual effort is required! Ensure you can be found all over the web when potential customers are searching.

  • Make improvements by following prescriptive changes
  • Compare your business to the industry average
  • Utilize our team to handle listings management

Manage your Google Q&A activity

Engaging with Google Q&A helps boost online presence and increase customer engagement, just like responding to reviews does. It's easy to stay on top of because it's an all in one dashboard!
  • Be alerted to new questions for prompt action
  • Ensure the answers to existing questions are correct
  • Ask and answer FAQs to help customers find information quickly

Scan the web for every mention, good and bad

Reputation Management scans every nook and cranny of the web including blogs and forums, news outlets, and social media networks and finds every reference of your business. Find out the positive mentions and deal with the negative offline.

  • Set up keyword search terms to receive relevant industry content
  • Understand if a mention is positive, negative or neutral so you can take action

Keep an eye on the competition

Help yourself get ahead by leveraging competitive insights. Compare your business’s reputation with industry leaders to help strive for continual improvement.

  • Compare search engine Share of Voice with top competitors
  • Track social audience engagement overtime across Facebook and Twitter
  • Benchmark against the industry average review ratings and listing accuracy

Judy’s Book

Local Edge
Merchant Circle
Open Table

Yahoo! Local
…and many more.

You can do it all with Reputation Management

  • Correct and manage online listings on 40+ sites
  • Monitor online reviews across 100+ sites
  • Respond easily to reviews with customizable templates
  • Compare the business to competitors and the industry average
  • Monitor employees’ Twitter feeds
  • Monitor a feed of social media activity
  • Stay on top of new conversations with reports and alerts
  • Assign tasks to your fulfillment team with Task Manager